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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take Your Beading on the Road - Portable bead boards and Tool Kits

Don't leave home without them!
If you like to take your beads when you travel, we have great tools for beaders on the go - take a look below.

Beads are a lifesaver on a rainy day! This little travel tote is a great way to bring a few beads with you when you travel. This tote is compact and contains 4 organizers, each with 6 compartment.s This is a great way to keep you and your kids entertained during the ride or on a rainy day.

Bead Board with a Lid - this multi-channel bad design boards allows you to work on single or multiple strand pieces. You can stay organized with multiple compartments and the lid keeps everything in place, and you an see through it.

9 Piece Beading Tools with Travel Case - A set of essential beading tools for beading on the go. Store them neatly in a zip up case so you can stay organized. Contains basic essentials including:
Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Plier, Crimping Plier and more!


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Facebook Fan Contest

Just a few months ago we started our new Facebook page. It has been long overdue, and we are very excited about it so we are celebrating with a give away. Once we reach 250 fans, we will give one lucky fan a Bead Bee Tote containing $250 worth of beads, beading tools, and supplies.
A totally yummy prize for a beader!

Become our Facebook Fan and see prize details on our Facebook page - click here

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here's to a Colorful Spring of Beading

Czech Glass Beads
are very stylish and budget friendly. The colors and finishes are absolutely gorgeous.
You will find beautiful pinks, corals, blue, and turquoise colors as well as classic
colors like jet, crystal, topaz, smokey quartz and other favorites. Click
here to see Czech Glass Beads

Toho Seed Beads are top quality Japanese seed beads with unlimited potential. Our Toho Mixes are perfect for rich, textural designs whether you string them, wrap them, or weave them. Click here to see Toho Seed Beads

Pony Beads are a lot of fun. They come in many, many colors and are great for group projects and fundraisers because of their economical price.

Teachers love pony beads for classroom activities. Teens love to create colorful fashion bracelets. Plus, you can add alphabet beads to share fun messages. Click here to see Pony Beads

Miyuki Glass Cube Beads are exquisite 4mm cubes that are available in frosted, AB, color lined and silver lined finishes. They are great as spacers, but they can also stand alone in strung and woven jewelry.

Available in handy 25 gram packages for just a few dollars, they are a great way to freshen up your designs. Click here to see Miyuki Cube Beads

Alphabet Beads are not that colorful themselves, but you can create a special message and adorn alphabet bead bracelets with glass beads, crystals, or pony beads and create unique inspirational pieces. Click here to see Alphabet Beads & Number Beads